About us

Christoffer Leka

1972 Is born in Helsinki, Finland
1976 Visits Disney World. Is awestruck.
1978 Is expelled from English preschool for being too pedantic.
1982 Is told by art teacher to forget about a career in art.
1986 Spends summers sailing around in the archipelago.
1988 Starts publishing underground comic books with friends.
1992 Becomes vegetarian while performing the military service.
1993 Joins the Hare Krishnas, and spends all free time washing pots at the temple.
1994 Is sent to study graphic design by dismayed mother.
1996 Founds own publishing company, Absolute Truth Press.
1998 Meets Kaisa.
2003 Marries Kaisa.
2007 Rides his bike with Kaisa to the Arctic Ocean.
2012 Still cycling.

Kaisa Leka

1978 Is born in Lahti, Finland.
1980′s Is generally very unhappy. Reads lots of books.
1996 Discovers comic book art and finds her calling.
1997 Meets Christoffer.
1998 Starts doing comics.
2002 Gets both her feet amputated.
2003 Marries Christoffer. Is awestruck.
2007 Runs for the parliament but fails. Continues to draw comics.
2008 Cycles with Christoffer across Europe.
2010 Publishes a graphic novel about cycling across Europe.
2007 Runs for the parliament for a second time. Fails again. And continues to draw comics.
2011 Cycles with friends to Murmansk along the western border of Russia.
2012 Publishes Expedition No. 3. Is amazed by its success.


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