Dear Readers!

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It’s kind of hard to explain, but these books are like children to us. Not literally, of course. We realize that. For starters, they scream a lot less. And they generally don’t poop that much. So no, they are not our kids.

But in another sense they really are.

They come to our life, and we do our best to raise them. We care for them. We watch them get bigger. At times they even keep us awake through the nights. And like all parents we hope that they will turn out great.

But then, one day, they are all grown. All ready to leave the nest. You never see it coming. And yet you always knew this day would come. And so you stand there with tears in your eyes. Wishing that the big world out there would treat them well.

Yes, we are worried. Crazy worried. So please, please, send us your pictures showing that our babies have found good homes!

Kaisa as an ever so proud mother displays her offspring enthusiasically. (And while we're on the subject – isn't it truly amazing how well she has been able to keep her figure, even after the prolonged birthing!)